Mod Bird Design



Full Rebrand

Includes a new or redesigned Logo Treatment (multiple marks and color variations), a Type & Color Treatment (fonts pairings and Pantone / HEX color information), and supplemental Branding Elements to help tell your brand story (iconography, illustrations, textures, and shapes). Also includes a complete Style Guide to help you implement the final deliverables into everyday materials.

$ Fixed

complete website design

A complete website redesign (layout, organization & hierarchy, branding elements) on a platform that can easily be handed off to you to maintain. Examples: Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress.

$ Hourly

printed marketing material

Need a pricing guide, booklet, or flyer to give clients? Print is my favorite medium! Let’s talk about creating the most beautiful promotional prints your clients will want to keep forever.

$ Hourly

Logo Design/redesign

A new or redesigned Logo Treatment (multiple marks and color variations) and some type pairing & color suggestions for your brand.

$ Fixed

business cards

Includes design for front of the card and up to 3 different design variations for the back. Comes with an order of 100 cards from and digital files to for personal use and reorder.  

$ Fixed

Interior & environmental design

I've have experience in design consultation for interior and exterior spaces. If you’ve got an idea for a mural, signage, or help furnishing your business, let’s talk!

$ Hourly

website facelift

Implementing a your Type and Color Treatment and Branding Elements into your current website and creating new Branding Elements to best tell your brand story online.

$ Hourly

digital marketing material

Need an instagram post, website banner, or motion graphic to promote your business? I’ve got ya covered! Reach out and we can talk about what will have the most impact.

$ Hourly


If you’ve got something in mind that isn’t listed I would love to hear your idea and point you in the right direction!

$ Hourly


see something you need?