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After I’ve received your inquiry, I like to begin the first client meeting over FaceTime. At this meeting, we will talk in depth about your business goals and dreams. We will discuss the best steps to take forward and create a project outline. Afterwards you will receive a Project Overview and Contract stating the project cost, deadline expectations, and final deliverables you’ll receive. Upon review and signature we’ll get rolling!

I like to have at least two client meetings throughout the design process so that I can present visual directions and we can make sure we are on the same page throughout. When the creating is complete I’ll present the final product and at this time we can make any last tweaks you would like. I tend to limit it to no more then three rounds of final edits, but diligent communication on the front end will ensure that I create something that best represents your business.

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I’d love to send you my Pricing Guide! Depending on the project, I offer an hourly rate or a fixed price. Hourly rates fall at $50 per hour. Mod Bird Design requires 50% of the estimate before the project begins and the remaining balance upon project completion. If work hours are going to exceed the estimated hours stated by more then 3 hours, the client will be notified immediately and a new estimate will be discussed and agreed upon. Upon the completion of the project, if work hours are under the estimated amount then it will be reflected in the final invoice.


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